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I’m Chloe, the founder and creative director of Le Lune. Le lune was born out of my desire to combine all of my passions and things I’ve learned along my journey into a Brand. I started the company in 2020 during a lockdown where I had time to ponder what should be the next  step for myself and my family. I had spent many years cultivating my passion for boho inspired interiors that had an earthy, natural quality to them and if felt like now was the right time.

I have a great team that help turn my creative vision into a reality and I work very closely with my supplier in Indonesia to ensure my products are to the highest standard.

I am also very conscious about the world that we live in and the materials and toxins that we are exposed to everyday. I became even more aware of this after having my daughter Inca Moon and watching her constantly putting things in her mouth.

I started researching toxins found in the home in more detail and was shocked by the health implications that these can have on us. Our homes are full of plastic toys and furniture that are produced using potential harmful chemicals.  I wanted to change that, not just for me and Inca Moon, but for everyone else too.

Along with a health scare I had in 2019, I became even more determined to reduce the chemicals that we are exposed to everyday and have tried to ensure that this is true for my rattan furniture collection.

Rattan furniture can often be constructed using harmful glues that are disguised with a woven rattan cover. Often where pretty wraps are used to cover over the joins of the product they will use wood glues to stick them down that have toxins and chemicals in them such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known ​​carcinogen. Once the wood glue goes off after a few weeks its effects are lessened but it still should not be induced. Seeing as Children are always putting things in their mouth I feel it is paramount that this glue is avoided for children’s toys.

We believe in only using naturally occurring materials that are sustainable and use no harmful chemicals or varnishes wherever possible. 

I hope you love my rattan furniture collection as much as I do.

Chloe x

Handmade, eco-friendly rattan furniture, designed and curated for your home. Browse our homeware and kids range, as well as our shell rattan collection.

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